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OptimizePress 2.0 is here

OptimizePress 2.0 is finally here.. A fantastic tool that helps you create high converting Landing Pages, Professional looking Sales Pages and Membership Portals. OptimizePress 2.0 has simplified the whole creation process. The new platform has been rebuilt from the ground up – to incorporate the latest in web technologies and […]

WordPress Version 3.5.2 Maintenance and Security Updates

On Friday 21 June 2013, WordPress rolled out new updates for its CMS platform. The latest updates addresses some known bugs in previous version 3.5 and 3.5.1 WordPress Version 3.5.2 also comes with serveral security updates. WordPress Version 3.5.2 Maintenance and Security Updates - Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) via the […]

Protect Your WordPress Blog

Lately, there seems to be a high volume of malicious attacks aimed towards WordPress blogs. As a result, vulnerable blogs have been hacked and exploited. I have been a victim of such attack on another WordPress blog. Somehow, it got hacked and was then used to attack other sites – […]

Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is an essential part of any successful internet marketing campaign and utilizing a strong email marketing service provider is also advisable. While it’s possible to put together your own email marketing communications, including auto-responders and other convenience practices, the process can be very complex and time consuming. This […]

Featuring Auto Upgrading Renewed: WordPress 3.2

The WordPress has recently upgraded itself to the latest version of 3.2 which has been enriched with a number of advance features. The latest update of the WordPress version 3.2 has been welcome by almost everyone. It is not just more advanced but is also more users friendly and is […]

Hosting Your Blog

Many people settle on a domain name at the same time they choose web hosting services, purchasing their domain from the same provider from whom they select hosting service. GoDaddy hosting is a prime example of this, as it sells and auctions domain names in addition to providing several types […]