In the online world, competition is the norm and it entails producing exceptional articles fast, especially for the online writers and bloggers. However, there are a lot of article writers, website owners and online sellers who make use of articles spinners in order to produce a lot of spun versions thinking that they can increase their traffic fast. Unfortunately, article spinning is not an ideal or even a highly effective method of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is Article Spinning?

Spun articles are produced by taking one original source, and at random, changing the words originally used and replacing them with synonyms. In this manner, a writer can come up with a new write-up that appears unique to the readers. The main purpose of these spun versions is to create as many articles as possible by using words of the same meaning but still preserving the main thought and idea of the original source.

What are Its Downsides?

There is a lot of software for article spinning. SEOHowever, many of these tools do not generate high-quality contents for the spun versions. A writer is not guaranteed that all spun articles read very well. On the other hand, there are also article spinners that guarantee excellence in all their outputs. Despite this, the problems when it comes to the uniqueness of the spun articles remain. No matter how cautious a writer is when it comes to article spinning, the spun versions will still be considered as spam and duplicates.

Even though they might be able to give readers the illusion that the spun articles are originally written by real people, there will always be some who will find out that they are just spun. Interested readers and those that are more likely to visit the back linked website tend to learn more so they will check more details by reading more articles about the topic or keyword. The possibility that they would land on spun article contents is evident. Of course, they will find out that the articles are just spun and instead of getting more information, they will just be annoyed due to the similar contents which can make them lose their interest.

Though it is true that spun articles can help rank up a website, they will be of no use when it comes to giving people the details they need since they only have the same contents. Even if a writer creates spun articles that are fresh, interesting and make sense, it will still be pointless since Google now has an advanced method of filtering duplicate contents.

The Best Option for Search Engine Optimization

Nothing can compare to original contents when it comes to giving people the details they need. Visitors of a certain website can get updated without being pissed off by similar articles they find floating on the internet. Since they are more likely to stay connected and will not just be one-time visitors. The more information they get, the more they will trust and become interested on the company’s products and services. Therefore, original articles will not only help your website rank up, it will also make your business more profitable.

Being on the top of the SERP ranking will not mean a thing if you don’t get your main goal. For online sellers, profit is the thing they care the most. Original articles can provide both. Aside from that, it is the safest material that a website owner can use. With the help of original write-ups, you will be able to get the results you want without worrying about any article being deleted by a search engine due to duplication.

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